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The 'peel and stick' method Tape Hair Extensions utilize, provide a quick application of a full head of hair extensions.  My expertise in the application of tape extensions makes for a comfortable experience for my clients from the time they leave the salon to when they come back for adjustments.  Attention to detail and a meticulous mindset is what will make or break this experience for a client.


A full head application takes about an hour and a half from start to finish. No equipment is needed for the application aside from a comb and a few sectioning clips!  One application will last about 6-8 weeks before another adjustment is needed. During the adjustment appointment, the tape extensions are removed, re-taped, and re-applied to new sections of hair after the hair has been washed and blow-dried.


I offer a few different types of Tape Hair Extension Lines to accomodate each hair type and color! A complimentary consultation is highly reccomended to dertmine the right product for you!






As clean as the application technique is for tape hair extensions, so is the process of removing and replacing.


An alcohol based solution is designed and used specifically to separate the extension tabs without leaving a sticky or gummy residue in the hair.  There are no pliers, tools, or combs involved in the removal of the hair extensions which contribute to the natural hair being left in an un-damaged state. This leaves room for noticeable improvement of hair growth and density throughout the duration of wearing your tape hair extensions. 


Adjusting your tape hair extensions during appointments simply involves the re-application of a new tape tab to the hair extension.  This tape tab is peeled off and applied directly back into the hair where it originated. Tape hair extensions can be re-applied up to 3 times depending on how well the wearer has cared for the hair!



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