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Link Extensions use small, transparent, copper, alluminum, or copper aluminum blend cylinders to join the natural hair and extension together. The link is threaded onto your natural hair using an applicator hook or threading tool and the pre-bonded hair extension is then inserted into the tube along with your natural hair. Each cylinder is coated on the interior, creating a water tight seal using no glue with zero slipping!


An entire head of extensions can take between 2-4 hours to apply, depending on the desired result and density of the natural hair.


With any type of hair extension, the removal process is the most important part of the service! Over the course of wearing your extensions, your hair is still growing; about two inches of outgrowth is expected once your removal appointment approaches. I like to take my time removing these extensions as new growth is present.  Having a gentle hand, a meticulous mindset as well as patience is what leaves my clients walking away feeling confident that their hair is still in great shape after removal.


 Removal of Micro Link/ Link Extensions is quite simple. A special tool is used to loosen the link; enabling the hair extension and link to gently slide off the hair it was initially applied to. No solvents are used and the hair is left in the exact condition it was left in!

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